Image of Adjustable Standing Sign Holder with Funnel & Water Bag for Base - Holds 8.5 x 11 inch Signs

Adjustable Standing Sign Holder with Funnel & Water Bag for Base - Holds 8.5 x 11 inch Signs

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-Easy To Adjust Height & Viewing Angle: You can adjust the height of the metal pole on our standing store sign holders from 31 to 50 inches; You can also tilt the poster on display vertical or horizontal to suit your needs
-Special Clear Lens To Protect Your Signs: Every pedestal sign holder comes with a glare-proof PVC protective lens; This crystal clear lens will protect the enclosed sign from the sun’s UV rays, rain, snow, dirt, and fingerprints
-You Won't Find A Sturdy Base Than Ours: This indoor outdoor sign holder comes with a Base, Funnel, and Water Bag; Unlike other poster sign stands on the market, you can fill this one with Sand or Water using the handy funnel included
-Smooth, Round Corners For Maximum Safety: If you plan on using this sign stand on a busy sidewalk or another area with a lot of pedestrians, then you’ll appreciate the smooth, rounded corners; This feature will help ensure the safety of people walking passed it
-You Can Quickly Swap Out Signs & Posters: If you’re using this sign holder for a retail store, trades show, restaurant, dealership, office, school, or church, you’ll be changing out the poster inside frequently; The front loading snap frame allows you to switch out signs in a flash

If you’re looking for a Standing Sign Holder that’s super versatile and won’t tip over easily, then you’ve come to the right place. It was a beautiful fall morning with a gentle breeze, and I was sitting outside of my favorite café enjoying a cup of coffee. This was my usual spot on the weekends. I like to soak in the slightly cool, crisp weather and all of the busy city street sights and sounds. The restaurant across the street had a sign out front with their menu inside of it, so people walking by could get a glimpse of the food they had. It kept getting blown over, though. The wind wasn’t even that strong. The owner would come out, stand it back up and go back inside. A few minutes later, you’d see him come out and play the game all over again. “Why doesn’t he put rocks on the base or find a more sturdy sign holder,” I asked myself. It seemed maddening to me. I figured he didn’t have rocks lying around inside and also didn’t have time to run out and fix this silly problem. He had a restaurant to open! That night, I had a wild idea. What if I create a heavy duty sign stand that didn’t blow over? I knew where my first customer would be, that’s for sure! That was the inspiration behind this Pedestal Poster Sign Stand. Top 8 Reasons Why You’ll Love This Floor Sign Stand: Holds 8.5 x 11 inch signs/posters Adjust & lock height 31 to 50 inches Tilts & turns vertical or horizontal Fill with sand or water (using water bag included) Includes a funnel to fill the base quickly Comes with a clear protective lens Corners are round for maximum safety Suitable for indoor & outdoor use Other sign holders don’t stand a chance when compared to this one, don’t delay, buy this one today!

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